Q) What payment methods do you accept?
A) We accept Interact E-transfer, Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discovery

Q) How do I place an order and pay?

For : Interact E-transfer

A) 1-Add items to the online shopping cart
2-Fill in your shipping information
3-Click the “PLACE YOUR ORDER” button
4-Send us your payment. That’s it! *Payment options below*

INTERACT E-TRANSFERS: These are sent through your online banking site or app and they’re super easy. Once you’re at your banks website or app look for “E-transfer”.

We have set up auto-deposit, so your e-transfer will automatically be accepted when you send it to :

If your banking institution still requires you to do so, please follow these explicit instructions:

For the transfer details use:

Recipient Name : sarmcenter

Recipient Email:

Comment: Your email address

Security Question: What’s Our Favorite Sport?

Security Answer: Order Number (Copy & Paste it please)

***Scroll to the bottom of this age for a list of e-transfer banking sites***

If you receive a message from your bank saying they’re not able to contact me, that means you typed our email address in wrong. Please don’t message us saying our address is invalid because we’re certain it’s not.

Q) Do you accept PayPal?
A) We do not. PayPal considers sarms as steroids (Wrongfully) and therefor will not take payments for us.

Q) What currency do you use?
A) Our products are priced in Canadian dollars.

What financial institutions offer Interac e-Transfer?

You can use Interac e-Transfer at over 250 participating financial institutions: