About us

Sarm Center has been producing top pharma grade SARMs since 2016 in our GMP certifed pharmaceutical facility in New Jersey, USA. Our goal is to provide the highest purity pharmaceutical grade selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMS) on every order.

Not all SARMs and research chemicals are the same. There may be dozens of sources of these products these days, but not all of them can guarantee you of superior quality chemicals in every shipment. This is because their products may be produced somewhere else and not in the US. If you go with a laboratory like us, you are guaranteed to receive top-quality chemicals every time because all of Sarm Center pharmaceutical grade SARMs have been tested using GC/MS and HPLC to ensure quality and purity standards second to none.

The laboratory experts that create our chemicals pay close attention to every detail of the manufacturing process to ensure the purity and quality of our products so that they’ll reach you in their prime condition. When it comes to research chemicals, we can assure our clients are getting the finest products available at a fair price.

Whether you buy SARM’s for clinical studies or research purposes, our large inventory of these high-quality chemicals will help facilitate your research allowing for better results in your testing. SARMs are among the most studied substances today.

Many are known to have crucial benefits that are yet to be discovered and fully proven. We support every person, group, or institution that wants to pursue a deeper understanding of these chemicals, as many of them are not yet approved for human consumption.

Having stated that, all the peptides and research chemicals we have on this website are intended for clinical tests or trials only. Start or continue your own research and find out if these chemicals can provide more benefits than the previous testing has provided. Clinical research and trials lead to unprecedented discoveries.


Sarm Center manufactures SARMS for the sole intention of clinical testing.

Although none of our products are recommended for human consumption, we can assure you that they are pure and highly concentrated. They will greatly help with your research. We sell quality products to researchers, laboratories, and chemical supply companies in the United States, Canada and Worldwide.

All of the products sold on this site are for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY, and are NOT for human consumption.